House Debarge


Production and trade together. Regular product throughout the year.
Trusted partners across Europe.

Our Goal

To supply packers with a given tonnage of a specific quality and potato grade.

We aim is to ensure regular product deliveries are provided throughout the year.

A network of producers are engaged to cultivate the Galante potato variety to be able to offer a quality salad type.


Our main product is baby potatoes for the small packing market, micro-wave packing type and cardboard boxes.
Oversized potatoes are therefore provided in a homogeneous grade as we stop the crop at an early stage, with a high tuber number.

Production area

To manage risks related to climate, we carry our production in different strategic salad potato production area : Hauts-de-France, Eure et Loire and Seine Maritime.

A small part of the production is additionally located in the region Loire et Cher to start the season in late July..